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Contract Design Jobs

Recent contract design jobs

Some of the projects contain a video showing the interaction, found at the end of the carousel.
There are clickable links that allow you to see the entire projects as well.

Google Dynamic Learning Project | Onboarding Design

This project entailed designing an onboarding experience for new users.
The goal was to help the teachers understand the use of this educational tool in order to enhance their teaching skills in a classroom setting.

Link to the project: https://xd.adobe.com/view/2bfa0881-077f-4e51-4118-3239162755f9-5dcb/


Fandom | Pokémon microsite

Client requested a microsite for a Pokémon card game. The goal was to create a simple page where users would activate a deck of Pokémon cards containing all the super powers attributed to each character. These cards would be found inside the cereal boxes for customers to collect.


Web Assets Material

Cadillac website hero image carousel - Disney Advertising Banner - Google Express Banners - Apple News advertising.


Commerce Casino
Implementing food order feature in the existing app for the Commerce Casino

Client desires a feature in the existing app allowing customers to order food while gambling.
Here are the clickable prototype links for different levels of interactions:

Breakfast (simple interaction complexity): https://xd.adobe.com/view/c71d2e44-6ed3-44ed-75c3-4732ed602c4b-b12c/
Sandwich (medium interaction complexity): https://xd.adobe.com/view/86409878-3f55-4a65-4e7e-5df49a5331f8-f071/
Entree (higher level complexity): https://xd.adobe.com/view/db39a76a-7339-425e-73e4-f92c95767b19-ad08/


School of Motion | Style frames for Animation

A quick video illustrating my approach creating a style frame for animation.
The following style frames are designs I have created for advertisement purposes.



Instagram and Facebook social media post for the musician Courtney Cooper.
Process involved researching C. Cooper social media aesthetics in order to create a cohesive look and feel.


AniChat App

Anichat was a quick project for a client who was developing a mobile app.
The goal for this project was to create an experience where the user could add contacts
(from social media, phone contact list, and so forth) to the Anichat application.


Joe's Authentic Italian Pizza

Joe's Pizza is a small business that needed a strategy for clients to order pizza through an app.
I helped the client to find a solution for the problem after researching a few competitors who offered a similar service. Process consisted of creating personas, task flows, wireframes and prototypes in order to finalize the UI.